A walk towards the hidden gems of Copenhagen

Migrations have historically played a pivotal role in shaping Copenhagen. Over centuries, the city has witnessed waves of migration, contributing significantly to its growth and cultural diversity. These migrations have brought new ideas, traditions, and perspectives, fostering innovation and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Copenhagen is a globalizing city enriched by migration from around the world. It’s a melting pot of cultures, where people from diverse backgrounds coexist, enjoying international cuisine and celebrating various forms of art and music. Migration has made Copenhagen more diverse, innovative, and interconnected.

Migrantour arrived in Copenhagen in March 2021. Migrantour Copenhagen has been doing public tours and developed new scripts to do tours for schools and younger kids. We have also done a sustainability tour that relates Copenhagen’s migration history in relation to sustainability.

Migrantour Copenhagen primarily conducts tours in Nørrebro, a vibrant and culturally diverse district that has been home to generations of migrants. The tours explore narrow streets and rich history.

Migrantour Copenhagen is promoted by Crossing Borders a non-profit organization empowering young people to become active global citizens. Established in 1999, it has grown into a prominent organization with international partnerships, including UNESCO.


Our Migrantour Copenhagen journey commences at the “Union,” a culture house, where we introduce the project and its goal to celebrate cultural diversity. Here, we set the stage for an intercultural exploration, emphasizing the importance of migrants’ contributions to the city and fostering an inclusive atmosphere.

Next, we visit the “Arabic School,” delving into its history as a hub for preserving culture and language. Our objective here is to highlight the positive impact of migrants on Copenhagen’s educational landscape.

Our journey takes us to “Blågårds Plads,” a pivotal location with historical significance. At this stop, we emphasize the role of migrants in shaping working-class districts and discuss themes of inclusion and equality.

These stops showcase the profound contributions of migrants to Copenhagen’s identity and offer participants an opportunity to connect with the city’s multicultural heritage, promoting understanding and unity in the spirit of intercultural exchange.

Other itineraries
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In Copenhagen intercultural urban routes are promoted by Crossing Borders

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