The project “New Roots – Migrantour intercultural walks building bridges for newcomers active participation”

In the 2018-2019 biennium, the European Migrantour network has been enriched with new partners and new goals thanks to the project “New Roots – Migrantour intercultural walks building bridges for newcomers active participation,” co-financed by the European Union (AMIF Fund) and Intesa San Paolo. The project is promoted by ACRA, Viaggi Solidali coop.soc, Oxfam Italia, Baština, Terra Vera, Renovar A Mouraria, Crescer, Alter Brusseles and Casba coop. soc.

Active in 10 cities in 4 different European countries, the intervention is built on the results achieved by the previous Migrantour project: thus, it is still the accompanying persons of migrant origin who play a fundamental role in the development of an alternative and positive way of telling the migration phenomenon.

This time, special attention is to be given to the need for newcomers, asylum seekers and refugees to develop a sense of belonging to the local community in which they live, promoting their active participation. Thus, various activities are being implemented in Brussels, Florence, Genoa, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Milan, Naples, Paris, Rome and Turin to:

– ensure the active participation of newcomers, refugees and asylum seekers in educational activities and in the cultural life of the cities (training course on story-telling, “welcome tours” addressed to them, testimonies in walks offered to citizenship, workshops in schools, etc.);

– deconstruct stereotypes at the local and European level through the enhancement of intercultural education services offered by Migrantour partners (intercultural walks for students, youth groups, teachers, educators, parents, journalists, social workers, local administrators, etc.);

– disseminate Migrantour as an innovative and sustainable tool for integration and intercultural education to transform the reception of migrants into opportunities for the future of society.

Download the publication “Migrantour, the world within cities – Second edition – 2020″»