Tuan Anh


My name is Anh and I am Vietnamese. When I was born, the war had finished in my country, but the pain was still very strong in the heart of the Vietnamese people. Those who belong to the new generation, as I do, are always asked many questions concerning the destiny of the Vietnamese people who left the country after 1975: how they could live abroad without knowing anything about the local culture or how they could possibly become a proactive part of the society hosting them. I would really like to know what the answers are, because I too arrived in France to continue my studies. Since I have been here, “Chinatown” east has become my favorite neighborhood in Paris. I am really interested in issues related to history and immigration and I have complemented them with training to become a Bastina/Migrantour intercultural companion. Thanks to this project in collaboration with the Immigration Museum, I can know give an answer to all my questions. Today I am a companion in the tour to the most well-known Asian neighborhood in Paris: the 13th arrondissement.