My name is Siby and I was born in the Maréna Diombougou village (Kayes region in Mali). I am a PhD student working on development of local territories. In collaboration with the Immigration Museum and with the Descartes Paris 5 University, Migrantour training course has allowed me further knowing the history of immigration to this large town, which si sometimes misinterpreted by mass media and the political world. Training also applies to injustice vis-à-vis migrants, enhancing resources of the cultural heritage and identifying the different areas of Ile de France, creating communication and exchange of ideas among intercultural companions. This training course has been an actual turning point for me, allowing me better identifying the different historical paths of migrants as a living heritage for human kind. Far from being a way of exploitation, training is essential to prevent intercultural companions from being shy and to fight against stereotypes that are detrimental to meeting migrants and their cultures. After learning some useful parameters, I can now create, thanks to my job, a social-cultural link for different identities and I can develop Paris cultural diversity.