Migrantour Naples

Naples, like all the capitals of the world, is a multi-ethnic city and its identity is the puzzle of cultures, lifestyles, different points of view.

Knowing the city through the eyes of its new inhabitants is therefore an unmissable opportunity to discover a dynamic and constantly evolving city, where the life stories of many people, arrived for the most different reasons, are intertwined forming a multicultural fabric readable through places.


Migrantour Naples
A walk designed and guided by citizens of foreign origin of different nationalities who live and work in Naples for several years and who since 2015 are the soul and the intercultural escorts of our Migrantour Naples. An itinerary designed to introduce the newcomers to the geography of the city, to give them references for orientation and useful information on how to get around, from main roads to urban and suburban transport lines, on meeting and entertainment venues, but also ideas on history and culture of Naples and the presence in the city of communities of foreign origin. The itinerary moves from the Garibaldi Station, a point of departure and arrival by definition, but also a place of daily life for many citizens of foreign origin. From the station then, with the subway line 2, go up to Castel Sant’Elmo, to look down on the city, embrace it in its entirety and identify, even with the help of a map in hand, the places that “do not you may not know in Naples “and place the places frequented daily by the participants in the geography of the city. The walk ends with the descent to Montesanto, from the Pedamentina stairs, which will allow the participants to re-find themselves in one of the pulsating hearts of the historic center of Naples.


Casba Società Cooperativa Sociale

Piazza Garibaldi 26, Napoli | cell. + 39 334 6049916.

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