Cagliari, all the colors of the world in the city

Place of departure but also of arrivals, Sardinia is an island lapped by the sea and the cultures: historically the result of a stratification of populations, dominations and foreign influences, the Sardinian identity is anything but fundamentalist. Open to other contaminations, it keeps its traditions firm, in the conviction that flattening the differences does not generate an encounter, but the annihilation of the riches of which mankind naturally becomes the bearer. To notice all this, it is enough to change perspective and go beyond the port of the city, penetrating the maze of streets that compose it, discovering the encounter between religions in places of worship – from the mosque to the Orthodox church; tasting the cuisines of the world – from Eritrean to Pakistani dishes, to the Turks and Senegalese; admiring clothes and handicrafts of different origins – African clothes, oriental ceramics … Sardinian work! Of this sensorial and intercultural tourism Amici di Sardegna we wanted to be a spokesman, thanks to the national project Our invisible cities. Meetings and new narratives of the world in the city, financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and with the lead Acra Foundation. Accompany us on our intercultural tours, come and discover the city with all the colors of the world!Luogo di partenza ma anche di arrivi, la Sardegna è un’isola lambita dal mare e dalle culture: storicamente frutto di una stratificazione di popolazioni, dominazioni e influssi stranieri, l’identità sarda è tutt’altro che integralista. Aperta a contaminazioni altre, tiene salde le proprie tradizioni, nella convinzione che appiattire le diversità non genera incontro, ma annullamento delle ricchezze di cui il genere umano si fa naturalmente portatore.


The Marina
For the moment, there is only one intercultural itinerary in the city: it is a walk a bit ‘out of the ordinary in one of the historic districts of Cagliari, the Marina. Overlooking the port and the structure resembling that of the African kasbah, the Marina is made up of many colored streets, the theater of different cultures that have met and become contaminated, without losing their uniqueness and enriching those who visit: we will discover the places of worship together we will meet the people who dedicate themselves to the trade bringing perfumes and flavors of their country of origin here, we will listen to the stories of who today feels like a citizen of the world.


Memberships: from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 participants
Possibility of personalized walks on reservation, also in English, Arabic and French

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